The Examiner, May 1, 1996

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Hero's dive saved lives Bryant charged with murder Those who died

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Parliament adjourned as mark as respect Wounded survivor's account Police act on death threats Why we did not use the photo

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Bicheno mourns its 'lovely ladies' [Janet Quin, Vera Quin, and Neville Quin] - Quins synonymous with region - News strikes friends hard - Town shocked by family tragedy - Birthday Girls show respect - Community loses two icons - Deaths empty busy pubs

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Weeping family members file in to identify bodies Victoria in state of shock at death toll Call for help in compiling register

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'Darling, I'm going to be with the Lord' Legal action considered over photo publication Counselling available

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Memorial plan for death site Tranquil scene hides enormity - Grieving takes place in unreal atmosphere Counsellor believes trust can be returned Memorable quotes on gun laws Young life tragically cut short on holiday [Kate Scott]

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Quick action on guns ban Benneworth has a rethink on guns

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Editorial Opinion: Memorial services will help heal grief Letters to the Editor Community condolences on Port Arthur massacre victims

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Senator welcomes gun law agreement

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US couple's miracle escape [Dennis and Mary Olsen] Appeal to help victims receives rapid response Specialist says trauma may take years to heal Ecumenical services held today Funeral directors join to offer support Port Arthur to reopen State service broadcast Helpline available

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