Bryant charged with murder

from page 1 of The Examiner, May 1, 1996

by Ellen Whinnett

  New Town man Martin Bryant, 28, was charged with one count of murder yesterday after 35 people were gunned down in Sunday's massacre at Port Arthur.
  A Legal Aid lawyer represented Mr Bryant as he was charged by police at the Royal Hobart Hospital.
  Hobart magistrate Peter Dixon presided over the special bedside court sitting.
  Police prosecuter Sgt Julian Whayman appeared for the prosecution, while Legal Aid duty lawyer Debra Rigby appeared for Mr Bryant.
  A court clerk, three senior police, the magistrate, a defense counsel and a prosecuter were the only people who attended the court sitting, which lasted less than five minutes.
  No family members or friends of Mr Bryant were present when he was charged.
  Mr Bryant was not required to plead and was remanded in custody to appear in the Hobart Magistrates Court on May 22.
  Tasmania Police's Assistant Commissioner (Crime and Operations) Luppo Prins said that Mr Bryant said nothing during the court sitting just after 11am.
  The charge says that Mr Bryant murdered West Australian tourist Kate Elizabeth Scott, 21, at Port Arthur on Sunday.
  Mr Prins said that more charges were expected to be laid in relation to the massacre.

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