The innocents killed for no reason

from page 6 of The Daily Telegraph, May 1, 1996

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  Kevin Sharp, 69, retired, from Kilmore, Melbourne. Mr Sharp was holidaying with his younger brother Raymond and 10 others from the Kilmore Golf Club who went to Tasmania for a birthday celebration. Kevin Sharp died shielding his wife, Marlene, from the gunman as they dined in the Broad Arrow restaurant. His brother Raymond also died in the hail of gunfire.

  Peter Nash, 32, painter and decorator, from Hoppers Crossing in outer west suburban Melbourne. Mr Nash died next to his wife, Carolyn, who survived the slaughter. The couple met while backpacking in Europe and had been married for 18 months. They had gone to Tasmania for the weekend. Mr Nash was one of 11 children.

  Elva Gaylard, 48, from Geelong. Ms Gaylard, a nurse at the Geelong Hospital for nearly 30 years, was on an eight-day tour of Tasmania. The hospital's nursing department issued a statement yesterday mourning the loss of a much loved colleague. Her colleagues said Ms Gaylard was a kind and generous nurse who loved the mothers and babies she cared for.

  David Martin, 50s, guesthouse owner, Seascape. Mr Martin and his wife Sally owned the Seascape Guesthouse where the gunman kept police at bay up for a night when they believed he held the Martins and another person hostage. Police last night said Mr and Mrs Martin may have been the first victims of the massacre, rather than last as initally thought.

  Robert Salzmann, 50s, of Ocean Shores, northern NSW. Swiss-born Mr Salzmann was gunned down along with his wife Helene and long-time friend Jim Pollard. Mr Salzmann and Mr Pollard met in the air force during World War II and "had been friends ever since", friends said. The couple invited Mr Pollard to join them on a holiday after he had "studied so hard" as a mature age student over the last few years.

  Helen Salzmann, 50s, of Ocean Shores, northern NSW. Mrs Salzmann, a prize-winning gardener in the district, died beside her husband. Close friend, Per Odner said yesterday: "It was just going to be a short holiday for them. They just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time." It is understood the Salzmann's have two sons, both living in Switzerland.

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