The Daily Telegraph, May 1, 1996

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Lives erased - How a family was destroyed

page 2

Cruel bullets cut down two little angels Everything is taken away Guesthouse couple may be first victims

page 3

Hero who stood up to the killer TV channels chop the violence

page 4

Surfer never rode a wave He liked young girls The path to court Held at airport Bryant's girlfriend in hiding

page 5

Profile: vengeful, obsessed, quiet Browser in local gun shops First murder charge laid

page 6

Grief for a special friend [Zoe Hall] The innocents killed for no reason

page 7

Mass killer, victims share ward Bryant to be moved after death threats Donations for victims Minute's silence Parliament to close All are welcome at Temple Victims memorial service

page 9

Doctors call for assualt rifle ban Children should discuss feelings Kernot back Federal takeover I've become the whipping boy, says Tingle

page 10

Editorial: Nightmare with cruel awakening Editorial: Loony laws put a gun in his hands

page 12

Letters to the Editor

page 13

[untitled. re: a book about Bryant]

page 32

The bloody past of Port Arthur

page 57


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