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Video captures from Fast Forward, Full Frontal, Big Girl's Blouse and Bligh.

"What are they?"
Classic Australian comedy television shows. They feature the same group of actors with some major changes over time and between the different shows, but are known as basically the same bunch of people. All but Bligh are sketch comedies featuring recurring send-up characters. Bligh is a comedy series based in colonial times, focusing on the titular character, William Bligh, then Governor of New South Wales.

"When were/are they on?"
At a guess, Fast Forward was made in the 80s and early 90s (?-1989-1993-?), Full Frontal was made in the mid 90s (?-1993-?), Big Girl's Blouse was made in the mid 90s (?-1995-?), and Bligh was made in 1992. I got all my vidcaps from The Comedy Channel.

"Who are the cast members?" or "Where are the vidcaps?"
Here are alphabetical cast lists for each show. Click on the year to see the vidcaps.
Fast Forward: (1991) Steve Blackburn, Geoff Brooks, Gerry Connolly, Marg Downey, Peter Moon, Alan Pentland, Gina Riley, Glenn Robbins, Magda Szubanski, Jane Turner, Michael Veitch.
Full Frontal (Second Series - 1993) : Eric Bana, Glenn Butcher, Kim Gyngell, Jennifer Ward Lealand, Matt Parkinson, Matt Quartermaine, Rima Te Wiata, Michael Veitch, Ross Williams. Guest starring Jimeon, Jane Turner and Glenn Robbins.
Full Frontal (Third Series - 1994?) : Robert Adams, Eric Bana, Matt Cameron, Rani Cameron, Max Dann, Louise Fox, Francis Gleenslade, Tim Hariss, Andrew Knight, Mike Lewis, Brendan Luno, Doug Macleod, Gary McMaffrie, Sean Micallef, David O'Neill, Guy Rundle and Anthony Watt.
Big Girl's Blouse: (1995) Gina Riley, Magda Szubanski, Jane Turner.
Bligh: (1992) Marg Downey, William McInnes, Jimeon, Peter Moon, Gina Riley, Magda Szubanski, Michael Veitch.

"What other shows have those people been in?"
Eric Bana had his own self-titled sketch comedy show for a while, and has starred in a movie about Mark "Chopper" Read, called Chopper.
Kim Gyngell was Col'n Carpenter on The Comedy Company, another great Australian 80's sketch comedy with such memorable characters as Kylie Mole, Con the Fruiterer, David Rabbitborough and others.
William McInnes was Max Connors in SeaChange and Nick Schultz in Blue Heelers.
Jimeon's self-titled comedy show is still going; lots of sketch comedy there.
Matt Parker and Matt Quartermaine were The Umbilical Brothers on The Big Gig, another 80's sketch comedy and music show.
Magda Szubanski is now known world-wide as Mrs.Hoggett from the Babe movies.

"I want more! What are some other Australian comedies?"
TV shows: Lano and Woodley, Sean Micallef, Frontline, The Panel, The D-Generation, Good News Week, DAAS Kapital, Glynn Nicholas, Good Guys Bad Guys as well as The Comedy Company and The Big Gig. See also: ODP: Regional/Oceania/Australia/News_and_Media/Television/Comedy
Movies: Malcolm, Death in Brunswick, Muriel's Wedding, Cosi, The Castle, Babe.
Comedians: The Doug Anthony All Stars, Elle McFeast/Lisbeth Gorr, The Scared Weird Little Guys, Tony Martin & Mick Molloy, Eliot Goblett, Steady Eddie, Raymond J. Bartholomew.
Musicians: This Is Serious, Mum, The Doug Anthony All Stars, Pauline Pantsdown.

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