Fast Forward, 1991

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Recurring characters and send-ups



"Controversy reigns supreme!"

"Pull your socks up, Aunty!"

Kartoon Korner



The scariest mask ever; Derryn Hinch.

Money Matters


"I'm Gina Hardface Bitch so shut up."

Kerry Pressbaron and Tab Lloyd

Kerry Pressbaron
"I bought another paper today."

Tab Lloyd
"Big Baron Buys Up!"

Those two drunk guys

They're normally in a bar.

Here, they're on holiday.

Wow, what a change of scenery.

Pixie-Ann Wheatley


Pixie-Ann (Szubanski)...

...hilariously dumb sports lady...

...incessant giggler...

...interviewing Andrew Ollie of 4 Corners, who's being arrested.

Entertainment This Week (at one of Liz Taylor's wedding receptions)

Host (Szubanski)

Taylor showing off letters of congrats from her previous husbands. (Downey)

Larry the groom stealing cutlery.

The Queen disguised as Madonna trying to sneak in via parachute.

Dustin Hoffman

Liza Minelli

The radio call-in show

Host (Downey)

Dr.Pat (Moon)

Handy Sam

Bruce Bains, finance expert

The Christian show




Sunday Arts (at a monastary)




Bruce Ruxton

Looking out for the Japs

Digging a trench to defend the country, by God!

Reverend Thorofare

"I think there's something in that for all of us.. don't you?"

The guy on the island who follows tracks in the sand.


Non-recurring characters and send-ups

The Exorcist


Father Kennedy, Father Carrus


Possessed Girl

"..mmmm... it's Yoplait."

The obligatory exercising gag.

Graham Richardson and Bob Hawke; summoned to exorcise the demon of Paul Keating.

Miss Teen USA


Host; Dick Glad (?)

Miss North Dakota; Candy Jo (Riley?)

Miss Nebraska; Wanda (Szubanski)

Miss California; Kimberley (Downey)

Miss Montana; Jody Sue (Turner)

All Creatures Great and Small

"What is that on your arm?"
(Moon, Downey)

"My watch.. oh.. bugger!"

The talking dolphins

"Hey, ya poofter!"

"Let's go get high on seaweed."

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