Tanari's Home Page :- Beware!

My real name is Steven, but I go by Tanari on such talkers as Vineyard and Cybersight. I am about 5'7", with brown hair and brown eyes. I come from Australia, Brisbane to be precise, and attend Uni, studying for a Bachelor of Information Technology. I am only 17, and like such sports as baseball and soccer, as well as watching many others.

I like all sorts of music. Thrash, alternative, trance, jazz rock, and classical. My favourite bands are Utah Saints, Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam, and many more. I would like to start a band myself oneday. I can play Keyboard (5 years of Piano lessons) and Trumpet.

I am also an avid role-player. I play Shadowrun and use to DM AD&D Forgotten Realms. I WAS involved in a Werewolf game, but it got canceled...it was sooooo cool though! This is just a winge session...I still wanna play!

I like to read a lot of Fantasy books, usually those involved in role-playing worlds. But my favourite series wasn't: That was 'The Heritage of Shannara'. Excellent books!

I am only new to this home page stuff, so don't think I'm a boring person because my home page is simple...I'm not.

If you want to E-mail me, feel free. But to get my address, look for me on Vineyard (thepoint.com:4242). You'll find my address there.

My friends include:

'the fiend' - who helped me set up this page. Hip hip Hooray!

'Wintermute' - some firstyear hacker...

That's it for the moment...

Chow for now...