Pauline is Satan!

I have made a SHOCKING discovery. The hidden, barely-audible lyrics of an identity-currently-unrevealable song by an identity-currently-unrevealable band is:

Nerd? Yes. Zee nee Lorp.

Here is a copy of the phrase, as sung by one of the backup singers, with all of the drums, guitars, and main vocals filtered out, then amplified to an audible level. Now listen to that backwards!
As you can plainly hear for yourself, it quite clearly says

Pauline is Satan.


Yes. It's true. I was SHOCKED and AMAZED as you are.

Please Note: No reference is intended towards any particular Pauline in the world, especially not Pauline Hanson. She's a lovely, caring, wonderful and extremely attractive young lady with no silly ideas whatsoever.

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Last Updated: 12:23 AM 9/12/2005