Geniac's House - Launceston

These are various screenshots of where my dad's place in Launceston, Tasmania, where I used to live. Click on images for full-size versions.

I didn't get to finishing the Doom level of the house, in favour of a Quake 1 version. Approximately one fifth of the level got completed in Quake 1. Now I've started converting it over into Half-Life 2. Screenshots of that are now included here.

In the meantime, I've moved to Pennsylvania, so I've started working on a Half-Life 2 map of this house, where I live now, but I don't have screenshots or anything of that one ready quite yet.

My game played list pages:
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The real thing - front of the house. (pinkish tinge due to it being late afternoon at the time)

...and in Doom...

...and in Half-Life 2.

The real thing - back sun-porch with its ramp to the back yard. Laundry door and window to the left. Doom...

...and Quake...

...and Half-Life 2.

Doom - dining room with computer, fireplace and bookcase. (no real-thing photo available, sorry)

The real thing - the lounge room.

... and in Half-Life 2. (no ceiling yet)

The real thing - my old bedroom as it was there, including my old puter with Morty the moose atop.

...and in Quake.

A close-up of the puter.

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