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Hilde - keeps little kids amused for a living and lives in Norway.

Shelby - full-time mum living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Mandie - does "paper management"-type work for Business teachers at Cardiff Uni, Wales.

Nikki - webmistress for the Australian Village web site, lives in Western Australia.

Strahd - not sure what he's doing these days, but he lives in Norway.

Shannon - student at Griffith Uni, Brisbane.

People from the Deviants list:

Anna - with Malin.

Bilbo - previous listadmin.

Carrie - writing a book about her uhh.. "dancing" career and trying for a Master of Fine Arts.

Hermine - she's on the left, and hubby Roger's on the right.

Jason (Bastard Son of the Apocalypse) - he's the dummy in the middle.

Jill - lives in Ontario, Canada and is a Freelance Artist.

Kathleen - can't remember what she does, but she's funny.

Keith - not a list member any more, but always worth a mention.

Michael Burns - obsessed with any and all females on the list.

Michael Pruitt - he's been really quiet recently.

Nancy - a barrister/lawyer person from Delaware. Crass and sometimes incomprehensible.

Noelle - can't remember what she does, either.

Turk - Carrie's guy for quite some time now.

Wendell - always has something new and exciting up his butt.

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