Geniac's Doom Wad Played List

Reviews on this list: about 413
Last wad played: albillo
Last wad played on: 1pm, May 24, 1998

Do you prefer Quake? or Quake II, perhaps?

I've got nine screenshots of a level I'm creating of my house.

All are Doom ][ levels, except where noted. Most have been run through DCK's error checker before playing. Just in case.
Those that I got off a CD are marked (CD).
Of course, I'm not the only person on Earth wasting heaps of time playing wads; see the reviews directory at for lots of reviews.

The worst wad I've played so far must be k2.
The best wad is hard to choose, but the most recent incredible one I've played is uw_part1. It is a full 11 levels; all are HUGE starports, all with incredibly difficult puzzles to solve and more and tougher enemies as you go along. I love the way the starports get gradually more and more hell-ised.


sfx   = new sound effects
gfx   = new graphics
mus   = new music
lmp   = .lmp included
demo  = demo built into pwad
deh   = DeHackEd patch included
keen  = includes Keen        -\
wolf  = includes Wolfenstein --- Don't play this wad if you haven't completed Doom2!
boss  = includes map30 boss  -/
coop  = cooperative level
dm    = designed for deathmatches
pg4dm = probably good for deathmatches (ie.untested in dm)
archi = nice architecture (realistic 3d-looking structures)
req   = requires
inc   = includes
FilenameAuthorShort Description
01matrixBen Gates c/Sean Birkel very impressive starbase
100pctv2 Lonnie Yearwood small, good variety. few errors. lmp
11lvls Bob Lindemann 11 deathmatch levels
125wads Herbert 125 very small deathmatch levels
127tech Martin Metzler gorge, mines, techbase, hell. wolf
12die4Derrick McKay large, nice archi, effects. keen, map30 boss
1fortresJoe Leonard archi, lighting. all wpns
1st_enc Laz Rojas 4 short, dark wolfdoom lvls. sfx, gfx
24hour_[a&b]Bill 10 large lvls. great lighting, sfx, and sky
2besiegeShayne nice castle, nasty suprise. sfx
2die Neil Bonner small linear dm. archi, mus, lmp, many errors
2diehellNeil Bonner medium linear dm. layout, mus, keen, few errors
2drkprkSteve Bryan huge, dark, nasty. sfx, gfx, mus
2for1Rob MacKenna 2 nice short deathmatch levels
2fragcit Erwen Tang and Paul Robinson deathmatch level. sfx, mus
2mandeth Royce and Nick a heap of small, below average deathmatch maps:
         blaknbl2 Royce ugly. new teleport sfx
         boxes2 Nick dark warehouse. no beasties. ugly crates
         dirt Nick dark. no beasties
         dropdead Nick *shrug*
         frtknoks Royce all wpns. sfx
         ghsthou2 Royce ghost house. sfx, Adams Family music
         hater2 Royce ugly. all wpns. crashed in bfg room
         jungle2 Royce ugly. sfx, map30 music
         kilroy2 Nick ugly. unaligned textures everywhere
         library Nick library setting. few demons
         paranoid Royce very kewl sfx, mus
         quad Nick rocket launcher in centre
         royce Royce 3 startpos, no beasties
         sewerrat Royce sewer. all wpns. map30 boss
         silent unknown silences a teleport flash
         telefix Joseph deh. removes teleport sound and flash
         tower2 Nick towers, acid mazes
2megaShayne Hawthorne large, hard, nice layout. sfx
2shadows Sean Birkel detailed, impressive, big, fun
2siegeShayne Hawthorne large, hard castle. sfx. map30 boss
3_pack1Malcolm Sailor 3 wads:
         omelet small, easy, nice layout
         ruler small, easy, nice layout
         tekrkbrn small, tricky, variety
32William Parker Jr 32 large mazish lvls. map30 boss
3daypassdrbombay boring textures, no point
3x-playBill McClendon nice layout, things change
4destroyErwen Tang small deathmatch level, all weapons
4facesErik large, vicious, tricky. archi. map30 boss
5thdoorMike Howell easy fun novice lvl, some errors
6city2t Chris Gallagher 6 buildings. some wolf, mus
7screams Brian Clever large tricky dark temple
8city2Chris Gallagher 6city2t plus two more buildings
93talioTom Talionis big, intricate, nasty, dark. mus
99ways Warren Marshall 3 castle levels. fantastic archi & lighting
9ring666 Pete Nilson 9 lvl Doom1 dm of circular rooms. all wpns. 3 demos
aak_waqAndrew Kingdom huge, ugly, stuffed up. wolf, map30 boss
abattoirJ.Martin 3 large, fun lvls. archi. sfx, gfx, mus. wolf, map30 boss
abigorAndrew Deren many errors. pg4dm
achron22Dr Sleep very nice hellish atmosphere
acid2Swampy of Boston small dm. all wpns. coop exit. sfx, mus
acidareaDouglas Ryerson good quality. eerie, fast, great lighting
acidbath Skinner @/@ small dm. acid, teleports. sfx, gfx, mus
acidfallJeff c/Zeddicus4 warehouse, sewers and more. lighting, archi. lotsa gfx
adieuRob Cunius, 14yo tricky, dark, action. nice design. HOM
adrnilinMichael Fulbright dark, eerie, nasty, lotsa kills
afro2Idries Hamadi small and nasty. lmp
aftermthBruce Ryder 3 great wolf-doom levels. sfx, gfx (also:wolfdoom)
again"Big Tiger" medium-sized, very nasty
agonism Guy Shelton very small dm lvl. lotsa weapons
agonism2 Guy Shelton larger dm lvl. lotsa teleporters
alabCyber Tech 3 large, very bloody tricky levels
albilloValentin very large, long and difficult. all wpns, many CyberDemons
alcatrazPalle Mathiasen nasty, dark prison. good for beginner
alleysVince Russett pretty impressive, but I got stuck
allmxdupJohn Shannon fun, fast, vicious. all wpns. wolf
aloha2xAlamain huge, detailed, dark, tricky, vicious
altairKenneth Chirko detailed starbase with shafts and traps
altair2Kenneth Chirko map02 in series. more of same. gfx
altair3aKenneth Chirko map03 in series. more of same
altd2Alden Bates 11 lvls. lighting, detail, archi. gfx, 3demos
alxdeth4Alex Nichols flat, simple. T2 sfx, gfx, Teen Spirit mus, 3demos v1.9
another1Albert Lam brown, dark, dull. pg4dm
antaresDoug Ryerson starbase. many new textures
aoaRobert McCray smallish, very tough. pg4dm
ar_dest2Rainer Knijff very nasty dm lvl. lotsa kills
archieTom "Mr.Doom" Sanner small, very nasty. nice lighting. lmp
area49Phillippe and Peter Anchondo / @ small, easy, flat. a few errors. wolf
arena2Harvey Gilpin Doom1 dm. a few nasty traps
arg1lohb Lewis Sellers modified map01. very nasty dm lvl
argusTy Halderman, Robert Taylor @ / @ nice layout, decore and puzzles
armyAnthony Klein Army of Darkness sound patch
arturoArturo Cubacub / @ circular, nasty, tricky exit
asd2Andy Sheppard 8 very spiffy lvls. a bit too dark
atb31Jeffrey J. Martin / @ / @ 7 lvls, sfx, gfx, errors, errors, errors
attack57Scott McNutt / @ nice starbase, couldn't complete
awesmdthJosh Gunder / @ / @ / @ / @ small nasty dm. coop exit. lmp
awsopaleBobby Griggs ugly, stupid, boring. mus, deh. Doom1
aztec01Daniel Hargreaves very small ruins
badlandsJim Wiscarson small dm level. lotsa cool sfx
baleze2Laurent Belmon / @ big, dark, tricky. nice archi&lighting. sfx
baseJon Paynter enormously humongous starbase for Doom1
base2Brian Gemborys dark, well-made medium-sized Doom1 starbase
base01,02,03,04Jonathon Masseo starbase, hangars, mines. demo v1.9
battleSander Dee fun, clever, tricky
bblast01Alonzo Jones 2 short levels. sfx, mus
bc_gutsTM dark acid tunnels with a few suprises
bcs01,02,03,04,05Brian and Craig Sparks / @ / @ 5 short levels, all rather tricky
belowNeil McKellar dark, big, spooky, tricky, nice
bf_thudChristen Klie / @ / @ / @ 29 exhausting and amazing levels
bfgvaultAaron Fisher small, dumb, all wpns. pg4dm
bgcdm1_2Peter Kretschman Bubblegum Crisis patch. sfx, gfx, mus, deh
bhead01Brian Bailey / @ courtyards, tunnels. good design
big_dMelvin Clemens III small, dark, easy, nice archi
bigeasy2Martin Kaufmann big, nice map, more health needed
bighouseTim Nelson big extravagent mansion. wolf
bigmapsAlan Robinson 10 hard levels. coop recommended
bigroom2 James Williams short, tricky. great archi and shadows
bigstair Brian Siano one large room, stair, exit
bitchin Bob Symonds 6 terrific lvls. mus, sfx, gfx (also:btchn1-7)
bitchin7 Bob Symonds map07 addon, same great stuff
bitchin8 Bob Symonds map08 addon, more of the good stuff
blackmod Troy Newman small arena dm. sfx, gfx, mus, demo
blazin robmorrow silly, boring, stuffed up
bldguts1 David Davila run around, shoot beasties, exit
bldguts2 David Davila same again here
bldmtn1 David Davila caverns, nasty traps, not enough ammo
bliss Tony Roche stupidly and boringly difficult
blitzkrg jakirby 8 deathmatch levels. sfx, gfx, mus
blodlust Jan Mehler small dm. buildings, bridge, stairs, exit
blofield C.Barker,N.Kearns stupid, boring, ugly, stuffed up. map30 boss
bloodcor Florian Robardet small ugly beginnerwad
bloody Clayton Bell 8 dms. map30 boss, sfx, gfx, mus, deh, lmp, demos
blowyour Jeff Ross 10 linear deathmatch levels
bludbarf Paul Norman stupidly difficult. coop recommended
bludbrf2 Paul Norman oh no, not again
bludfest Steve Kaufman large circular Doom1 lvl
bluechip Mark Marusak large plain maze. lotsa kills
blwnaway Rob La Rosa good fun linear dm lvl, very tricky
bmcram Bri Madore short, easy, mostly flat. wolf, sfx
bmgarden Bri Madore hedge maze, lifts, teleports. wolf, keen
bnesoup E.Sarli, B.Allred wolf, hell, dark, nasty, vicious
bobwads "Bob" 3 wads:
         bob1 small, easy, fun. good for beginner
         bob2 small, easy, fun. good for beginner
         iddad bloody huge and vicious. 400+ beasties. pg4dm. mus
bolex B.Scofield, 14yo dumb, ugly, stuffed up. keen
bonus T.Beuke, A.Dost very small bonus lvl for Doom1
book mdrouin large, flat, boring level
bowels Richard Potts large, fun, lotsa traps, all wpns
bp10 Xpon The Imortal small, easy. all wpns, map30 boss
breakin Pete Kolts small, tall, nasty, dark
bronze K.Waugh, J.Wershler small. pg4dm. mus, 3 demos
bserpent Joe Htein impressive. very well done
btchn1-7 Bob Symonds =bitchin+bitchin7 but with improvements
bud1 Galen "Bud" Light ok for beginner, nothing amazing
building Steve large dm lvl. lotsa weapons, sniping. cool
buzz01 Paul Busby fun, nice layout, lotsa kills
bworldav William Jay grey, square, mostly flat, nice lighting
bystcve2 Tom Kozera 3 corridors. dm. all wpns. few errors
c_strafe Dick Ruck 9 identical lvls for circle-strafe practice
cain Adam Windsor nice, small, linear dm level
campus1 James college campus, good for beginner, pg4dm
canyon Patrick Pirtle c/? large caverns, canyons, etc. Doom1
caos[1-6]Antonio Moreno 6 huge lvls. very tricky, detailed. pg4dm
capefear Jeff Ross short, spooky, fun, dark
cardiac Lloyd Shelby very dark, few nasty surpises, very tricky. Doom1
carnage Scott McNutt 2 fun, simple levels. gfx, mus
carnage1 Doug Bora nice, small, pg4dm
carnal Melvin Clemens III small, pg4dm. lmp
carpet Mark Twine small, easy, no big deal
caslotr2 Scott Crank very large castle. dm or coop
castheng James XIII 14 tough scary castle lvls. all wpns, great effects
castle28 R.Costa c/M.Costa dark, fun. gfx, demo v1.6
catacomb Dax Herrera small dm. tunnels, columns, arena
certdeth Ben and Jon very large, very hard level. mus
cesspool Hamerdown small dark dm lvl
cetialp6 Scott Lampert large, hard. sfx, gfx, demo
chains Martin Tallman chainguns, chainsaws, dm lvl. mus
chance Derrick Erickson stupidly difficult. coop or dm
chess Maciek Sakrejda all wpns, pg4dm. Doom1. sfx, gfx, mus, 2 lmp
church Virgil Itliong very realistic church, graveyard, etc. dm
circle unknown large open circle arena w/lotsa beasties. pg4dm
citadel2 unknown small vicious dm. all wpns. sfx. small errors
claust13 W.Sullivan very dark, very cramped, very nasty
cliffs G.Korzuchin large, nasty. pg4dm
clipper everett castle dm lvl, nasty trick. gfx
cloace Stevie Milne fun, fast, linear dm lvl. archi
closure P.Mitchum, 13yo small and easy. few texture errors
cntrl_57 Scott McNutt small butvery tricky computer station. lotsa gfx
coloseum J.Cunningham very small dm. all wpns. sfx, gfx, MK mus
comp11 Aaron Hommes 6 short dm lvls. sfx, gfx
compdeth Scott Mullin @/@ 5 small dm lvls. sfx, gfx
cooley Fred Carrilo small dm lvl. no beasties, no exit
coollvl J.Burton, M.Davidsontiny coop lvl. map30 boss. pg4dm
coolwad Dejan O. c/Miha boring, silly, uncool. gfx, mus
cor_hel3 djinni lotsa huge beasties. archi. pg4dm
coreless Doug Erickson pg4dm. sfx, gfx, mus
cota1 Ric Blackman nasty, dark, simple. mus, demo
cotdfaq2 George Fiffy Castle of the Damned FAQ (fiffy8)
cotdtod2 George Fiffy converts CotD (fiffy8) to Doom2
courtyrd Michael Gaitan good dm lvl. lotsa beasties
crater Jin H. Kim large, detailed space station for Doom1
creol1_2 Brian Mathason based on university building. dm
croshair Kris Daley huge fun beginnerwad, lotsa beasties
cry Joseph Pacheco beginnerwad, pg4dm
crypt Bosco find the Gate. sfx, gfx, deh
cuchillo Fernando Carreter silly, nasty, pg4dm
cue2wad Tom Sanner small, dark, cramped
curtin Scott La Vertu compsci building. shoot the Vax!
cw_sweet Chris Westbrook lotsa big beasties, dm. sfx, mus
cyberjoe Joseph Maraschiello one room. you and a cyberdemon.
cybrdeth Scott A. Smith you, CyberDemons, pillars, exit
cybrdth2 Scott Smith @/@ arena, cyberdemons, columns. dm
cybrfort Aaron Fisher small, nasty. archi. pg4dm
d2esc11 Topi Ylinen dark wolf lvl with lotsa traps
d2u Damon Lewis pretty good for newbie author
d3d_2pt1 Denno Homer/Bill&Ted sfx/gfx for... Wolf!? (also:sq3d_r2)
d9-2 Mal Blackwell 7 deathmatch levels
dakills Phillip Pi sfx, gfx, mus, wpn, deh, demos
damn1 Emilio Galasso @/@ large, detailed, city dm. gfx, mus
dandeth1 Dan Bateman dm level in caravan park. mus
dante22 John Anderson detailed, clever, impressive. lmp
danzig1 B.Weldon, Brian 6 dm lvls. 4-player lmp
darkbase B.Laurent, H.Nicolas easy, fun, simple, no big deal
darker Malcom Sailor, 12yo dark, fun. lmp
darktemp Scott Osborne dark temple. nice archi, mus
dblcross John Wakelin small Doom1 dm. rocket launcher, coop exit
dead10 Keith McDonnell stupidly difficult
deadmen Adam Windsor another nice level from Adam
deadpool David Davidson small arena dm. all wpns, sfx, gfx
deadsoul Seth Williams castle dm lvl. sfx, gfx, mus
death Jay DeVore, 12yo nice layout, archi. no monsters
death1-6 Thomas Ward 6 dm lvls, including modified map01
death2 Ian Koropatnick =death + monsters, unmarked exit
deathrm unknown two rooms. 88 soldiers in one, an exit in the other
deathrow Kris Daley fairly straight-forward
demiless Pat Doyle great dm western town. sfx, gfx
demon Bryan Murphy short and nasty. lotsa beaties
demon10 Doug Erickson nasty, tricky, dark. gfx, demo
demonaly Doug Erickson new version of demon10
demonipa Migru great archi. sfx, gfx, 3 demos
depthlab B.Laurent, H.Nicolas easy, fun, simple, no big deal
destruct Michael Ciccarelli nasty, dark. many unaligned textures
dethch2 Nicholas Spampata short, dark, hellish dm lvl
df_dmf[01-03] unknown Doom1/One Must Fall Total Conversion
dfear1 Adam Windsor 5 small linear dms. archi, gfx, mus
dfear2 Adam Windsor map06-10 addon. archi, gfx, mus
dg-core D.Swift, M.Gundy, J.Elson Hall of the DoomGods sample map
dickwad2 W.Racz, M.Rempel, V.Barut 10 boring levels
didsound "DiD" lots of rather odd sounds
diehard J.Pitoniak, B.Sigelman huge, damn nasty, lotsa traps
diehard spewster (CD) sounds from Die Hard
diligent D7 small dm lvl. lotsa beasties
disident Jeff Ross small, open, linear dm. building that blows up
dm2_drop John Hayes large, tricky, fun. archi, gfx
dm2coll Brent Sampson beastie collection. yawn.
dm2gm3a Eric Reuter great archi, detail. pg4dm. all wpns
dm2mud Dave Swift very difficult, lotsa sargeants
dm2pak1 unknown
         dm2guest B.Sampson based on 7th Guest
dm2rean Brent Sampson small, tricky. pg4dm
dm2tiger Jim Young lotsa nasty traps & tricks
dm2vol1 Eugen Woiwod 4 wads: dante21, epic, wetwrkd2, apoclps2
         dante21 John large, dark, nasty. pg4dm
         epic Matt large, chess board, space station
         wetwrkd2 Zen large, dark, nasty suprises
         apoclps2 Tim Ash large, hard, dark, spooky
dmcomp Tom Solodyna good for first wad. Doom1. HOM at end
dmlamou1 75337.71 (CD) huge, very difficult
dmlamou2 75337.71 (CD) small, detailed, tricky. gfx
dmtowers Jason Garoutte 6 towers, good for dm. mus, demo
doom3d skippy small beginner wad. wolf, gfx
doom3v10 Timon (CD) venture deeper into hell. map30 boss
doomer Bob 3 small easy lvls. many errors
doomtown Todd Rodowsky bedrooms, shops, streets, etc. sfx. Doom1
doomtrk1 C.Maslin, B.Hallinan large NCC-1701-D lvl for Doom1. gfx, demo
drain Rob Scott stone courtyard, sewers. dm. all wpns
drdad[1-7] David Swan 7 dm. great archi, detail, lighting
drdcorty Stephen Long small, fast dm. archi. sfx, gfx
drdeth Bill Campbell (CD) small dm. all wpns. disappearing stairs
         scorpion Bill Campbellsmall dm. all wpns. few beasties
dream Jesse Layton large, dark, keys not needed
drill_u David Davidson small dark dm lvl. all wpns. sfx, gfx
dstraits Mike Adams bland, large, dark. sfx, gfx
dumb William Roeben you, cyberdemon, one room, exit
dungeons Rudy Jurjako nice layout, good for dm. sfx, mus
dw_pwad C.Richardson / @ (CD) The Official DWANGO PWAD, dm
elements Henry Chang spooky, nasty, fun, nice archi
elite11 C.Leslie, M.Fisher very small dm, all wpns, great lighting
emperor Andrew Deren beginner wad, good archi
emperor2 Mike Tabacchi 6 large, fun, action-packed lvls. archi and detail
eob2s Jon Landis 7 levels. mus, sfx, gfx, deh, demo
etpt6 Dave Johnson dark, nasty, coop recommended. all wpns. sfx
euth George Fiffy many cyberdemons - run! lmp
ex-hunt Joseph ugly dm lvl. no exit. rude sfx. wolf
fbattle Michael Zmuda modified e3m8 (Doom1). pg4dm.
finalv1 Todd Persen small nasty dm. all wpns, wolf. sfx, gfx, mus, deh
fistfury Scott McNutt fun, vicious. sfx, mus
flotcube Greg Lewis very spiffy floating cube trick
forest30 Jean-Serge Gagnon 5 damn tricky lvls for Doom1. sfx, gfx, mus
fortdthb Andrew Harvey @/@ huge castle. all wpns. nice archi&lighting. gfx
foxer3 Fred Pate dm lvl. nice archi. sfx, gfx, mus
fragalot David Schultz dm. all wpns, no beasties. coop exit
fragamor Denis Fabrice small dm. archi, lighting. sfx, gfx. 2p lmp v1.9
freak Terry Welsh 5 short nasty linear dm lvls
fthils07 David Ramos map07 and 08 addon for fthls2
fthls2 David Ramos 5 very tricky lvls. 04 crashed at end
fthls6b David Ramos map06 addon. tricky, tough. mus, sfx
fubar Scot Ranney? dark, evil, difficult, coop. mus
fubar2 Scot Ranney dark, very difficult, coop. mus
gaol Ben Buxton action-packed gaol escape
gate Erik Cumps small nasty linear dm lvl, all wpns
gates2 Darren Morris great detail and tricks. very dark
gehenna Duffy Knox 5 huge good tough lvls, archi
genocide P.Gray, M.Gilroy large. variety and detail. gfx, deh
get_your Michael Lundy small action-packed lvl. archi, gfx
getaway unknown dumb. a few errors. pg4dm
getem Thomas Evans wide open spaces, fun, nasty
git_61 cof3014 6 Doom1 levels. sfx, deh, lmp
gldtr22 P.Pollack, A.Stevens very vicious. gfx, T2 mus
gnash David Davidson dm. 4 rooms, teleports, windows, wpns
godsend John Wangler 9 Doom1 levels. tricky, fun
gone_mad Fred Carrillo small dm lvl. no beasties, no exit
gonow10 Chris Gallagher large, tricky, plain, mazish
grates Phil Burnham large dm. boring for solo play
gs_aof Geoff Arena of Fun. great dm lvl
guardwad "Stealth" small underground mines. lmp
gun1 Jim & Kathy Imes gun-shaped map
h2h1 Brandon Seth bloody vicious dm. based on map07
h2hmuddx Dave Swift large, action-packed. lotsa gfx
hangar2 Jason Garoutte 2 hangars and a runway
hans3 Scott McNutt =fistfury? looks amazingly similar...
hazmat23 Jonathan Daggar huge processing plant. good lighting and ideas. gfx
hedron William Richardson tricky, small, all wpns, pg4dm
hell Chris Warren small, tough. wolf, deh
hell2 Doug Frei small, dull, hellish. sfx, gfx
hellkeep Mike, Jason 4 very dark, very nasty lvls
hideout Rudy Jurjako small and very nasty dm level
higherv2 Paul Pennington 4 levels, very nasty, lotsa traps
horror Steve Terry puzzles, tricks, traps, nastiness. for Doom1
horror2 Steve Terry Doom2 version of above
hotlead Joseph Wheatley small dm. platforms, lotsa beasties. sfx, mus
house Neil Berg based on author's house
house Ian Koropatnick based on author's house. few errors
houses Antony Gibson 2 lvls based on author's house
htoh Tyler Rooney one room. lotsa beasties, wpns. pg4dm
hvy_fght Doug Ryerson great starbase, lotsa gfx, pg4dm
icenite2 "Vt Ice" clever, detailed, fun, good variety
idmap01 American McGee small dm. all wpns. lotsa sniping spots
indaface Bob Lindemann very small dm lvl
indyjone Khoi (Kevin) Pham small but tricky and nasty. gfx, Indiana music
insane3 Beau Anderson dm. action, fun, nicely lighted curved stairway
insdeath Maarten Hoogveld small, fun, tricky, dark
insrt_01[&2] David Shaw two short detailed lvls. coop/dm
invaders Dominique @/@/@ 6lvls. too hard to bother. Heretic sfx, gfx, mus, deh
invasion DOOMac 2 dark, long lvls. quite bland. sfx
invsiege A.Chen, C.Martins nice starbase dm. map30 boss
iroquois Aaron Veenstra ugly author's house. wolf
iskp G.Ruprecht, A.Guenther short, dark campus-wad
isl Neil Howie large, boring, ugly. wolf, map30 boss
island Sean @/@ hellish island. nice ideas and design. gfx
javipig Pablo, 13yo short, funny, nasty. wolf, keen
jazz01a Ritche tricky dark dm. archi&lighting, all wpns. gfx
jdgmtfix Bill Derouin small, tricky dm lvl
jn4b Jeremy Nimmer large dm. few errors, lotsa weapons
jsf01 Joe Fouche small, nasty, tricks, traps
jusshoot TRiPER66 ugly, stuffed up. wolf, map30 boss
justify Antony large, fun, action-packed. archi,lighting. sky gfx
k2 Ryan Robinson most stuffed up piece of ugly crap ever made
keen Negative Creep small, ugly dm. author's house
kelly200 Kelly, 11yo beginnerwad. small, dark, simple
kewl Mark Cooke dm. small courtyards. lotsa wpns. sfx, gfx, mus
key01 Hamish O'Dea large, good lighting. demo v1.9
killer Tim & Simon dark mazes, nasty suprises. wolf
kissmych Timothy Harris small, nasty, dark, circular dm
knob[&2] Jeff ugly beginnerwads. carnage. wolf, keen
knob3 Jeff same as above plus Beavis&Butthead sfx
kronin Martin Tallman huge brown underground city. all wpns. sfx, mus
labrinth M.Davis large, twisty, tricky dm. lmp, keen
lavapit Eric Wescott small Doom1 dm. all wpns, CyberDemon. few errors
lawnboy Josiah big yard, small maze. dull. few errors
lev01ext unknown small extension to map01
macupicu unknown small Doom1 dm. no exit, few errors
magus nemesis small dm lvl. sfx, gfx, cool mus
marina1 Brian Hess detailed realistic boats, wharf. small dm. sfx, mus
matlock3 Kevin Barry dm lvl. most wpns
maze Ian Tornquist large, dark, simple, dm lvl
megaj unknown modified map01. dm. sfx, mus
melee08 JSTATZ very small dm lvl. lotsa wpns.
mia_sar Rob Jones @/@ large, dumb, ugly, boring. wolf, keen, map30 boss
mia_sar2 Rob Jones @/@ large, dumb, ugly, boring. wolf
midiwads midiguy 14 dm lvls. no beasties. mus, gfx
miosin dad is S.Warren "my Icon of Sin". map30 boss
monaster Dominique @/@/@ too hard to bother. Heretic sfx, gfx, mus
mygod unknown small, easy, flat, boring
nazi "PhibeR OptiK" stupid, ugly, boring. wolf
nc10 Stephan Ferraro small, ugly, stupid. many errors
newmistd Dan M., Becky H. small dm. all wpns. sfx, gfx, mus, few errors
nideck Klaus Breuer large castle for Doom1
ninevah Dan Proietti small dm. all wpns. archi, funny tortured guy. gfx
octahate Robin Andrews small, dumb, ugly
octogon S.J.Stimer small, ugly, boring, easy Doom1 lvl
ody1pcg John A. c/? large simple beginnerwad. wolf, map30boss. mus
parasite Stephen Lajos dm lvl. all wpns. no beasties
prox Scott McNutt dm starbase. nice archi. mus, gfx
quicken3 Ryan Haney 8 deatchmatch levels
room unknown large stupid dm level. many errors
rooster Bryan Flores small dm lvl with no beasties
samurai cerhorn ugly, stupid, modified e3m8 (Doom1)
satan Jeffrey Kung large, very nasty, tricky Doom1 lvl
ser1 lapip1 small, dark, easy, fun
snipe Eric C. Reuter large dm. few errors. nasty beasties
somairot Kennith Reeves small dm lvl. no beasties
soul_kt Ktulu medium sized dm lvl, good lighting
spankme Andrew J. Hulme small, tightly-packed Doom1 dm
sperm Ray Trochim 4 short Doom1 lvls. nice idea, bit ugly. sfx
sq3d_r2 Denno Space Quest sfx/gfx for... Wolf!? (see also:d3d_2pt1)
styler unknown small Doom1 dm lvl. all wpns
t-2 Tim Mann wide open dm. all wpns. coop exit
test psych two small dm lvls. nice archi
the_quad Jeff Di Donato wide open dm. map12. all wpns
thehouse Massimo Ciano based on Quake e1m7: House of Chthon. Quake sfx
thehunt2 Michael square brown arena dm. sfx, gfx, mus
theyard2 David Davidson dm lvl. all wpns. no beasties
tick C.Rimpila sfx. mainly from The Tick
tinyshot Patrick Martin smaller rocket and plasma shots and Heretic plasma
tunnels2 unknown small dm with lots of tunnels and teleports
triangle Alex Siegel small ugly triangular Doom1 dm
unholy01 John Walker IV fun, detailed, action-packed building
urban Graham @/@ very nasty, largish. lotsa sfx, mus
usq Q9323162 2 dm lvls of uni. sfx, gfx, demo
uw_part1 Patrick 11 huge hell-ish starport lvls. great stuff!
volcano Marcus small square dm, all wpns, many errors
wardome Forrest Buttry dm room w/ big chunks to hide behind
warhouse ray deathmatch lvl. nice archi
warlord David Davidson small dark dm lvl. all wpns. sfx, gfx
wierd Mades adds some rather silly sounds
wopworld Bob, Cortex, Miq, Baluk 9 short but nasty Doom1 lvls
wormsnds Denis Fabrice adds sounds from Worms
yee_haw unknown stupid, ugly, easy. many errors
yikes Joseph Pecoraro small, ugly, stuffed up. all wpns. pg4dm
yoho John Cecere medium-sized, ugly, stuffed up. Doom1
zak1 D.Mathy, W.Marland linear dm. cavern, lifts, sniping. all wpns
zapnrun2 Tom Sanner large rooms, small tunnels, bloody tricky
zazzy Kirk Hemmen small, all wpns, good fun, bit ugly
zealot Florian @/@ linear dm. lighting, archi. Metallica mus
zirp Alamo and Kramer small square rooms, doors, beasties. lmp, mus
zork Ian Tornquist completely stuffed up. many fatal errors
zorry Elroy Blom bloody tricky, dark, and vicious
zwieback Florian @/@ tunnels, acid river. archi. Metallica mus

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