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Last map played: wreckbase
Last map played at: 8pm, August 2, 1998

Do you prefer Quake 1? or Doom, perhaps?

I've got some screenshots of a level I'm creating of my house.

All are single-player Quake II levels, except where noted. The Filename column refers to the name of the zip that can be downloaded from your local mirror.

The worst I've played so far is definitely shroom.
The best is too hard to choose. New and spiffier designs are popping up all the time.

sfx   = new sound effects
gfx   = new graphics
mus   = new music
dm2   = demo (.dm2 file) included
demo  = demo built in
dm    = designed for deathmatches
pg4dm = probably good for deathmatches
egg   = includes what is considered an Easter Egg
wpns  = weapons
req   = requires
inc   = includes	
PC    = Partial Conversion
TC    = Total Conversion

Filename    Author     Description
--------    ------     -----------
1964        J.F.       underground caves, earthquakes, collapsed buildings, and train tracks
1st         Pete       small house and pool. probably the first 1-player Quake2 map ever
1strpst     Mike       medium dm, all wpns. warehouse and techbase style
2haddm2     Evan       tiny dm featuring a railgun over a lava pit
3haddm2     Evan       revision of above includes rocket-launcher instead of railgun
5fiffy1     George     very well designed but far too difficult
5fiffy2     George     very well designed and nicely difficult
abandon     James      high-quality short computer station with nasty end
age         J.F.       long, large, fun, nasty, very nicely done all over. new ideas and sfx
age1        J.F.       cramped, nasty, tricky. many missing textures
angron      Jonas      short, fun, and nasty computer and security installation
anihilat    Ian        small computer base. nice ideas, but Computer 1 can't be destroyed
anthrax     Stephen    crashed every time I tried to play
arif        Tomaz      nice little base with computers, rockets, water and warehouse
arkanian    Mike (or)  large but short base and space station with unusual ending
awf1        James      short first part of a 3-part unit. security and pipes, mainly
azure       James      destroy crystals and Makron then escape on ship. great detail.
ballistic   Fred       short but good computer station. lots of items for dm including BFG10k
bariosp1    Bario      huge multipart unit. sometimes confusing, but all professionally made
benslair    Chris      just for a laugh; based on author's friend's bedroom
boat        Jeff       short and vicious, unfortunately a little bland
borax2      Dennis     dark and gloomy power station. lots of good style variety
chemp       Matt       highly detailed and professional chemical plant and mines
coconut1    Neil       bright happy colours, a wacky story and a big nasty volcano
cold        David      very nice constructions, but far too choppy; surely not optimised
commando    Garry      it's all a bit nonsensicle to me, I'm afraid
costas.p    Costas     short and nasty, but blue door doesn't work (fixed in pow)
covertop    Dave       four parts, very nasty, good fun, but overall a bit cramped
cr8redge    Alex       no plot, no story, but lots of style in familar surrounds
crspq01a    Lari       small castle. good design & detail. too bright and missing textures
d2m07_q2    Sebastian  didn't work for me; "couldn't find spawn point" error
danger      Walter     small difficulty-choice corridors, with easter eggs
dawgfite    Bryan      very nice airport, security area, pumping station, and arena-style end
de1m1_q2    Borys      accurate conversion of Doom 1's e1m1, except one secret area
deadwrld    Ben        short, dark, tricky computer station with nice explosive end
deathis     YooShin    very nicely constructed, esp. lift, laser and escape pod
destiny     Marty      umm.... where'd everybody go?
doom2_q2    Peter      very accurate Doom2 map01 conversion, using original textures
downfall    Wiebo      medium-sized, tricky, nice constructions and f1-help
dpowers     Ian        sounds interesting, but crashed every time I tried to play it
dyv1        Yuri       short but nasty base with quite different futuristic style
e1m1q2a     Erich      gloomy conversion of Slipgate Complex. limited tutti-frutti
e1m7q2      Antonio    conversion of Chthon's Chamber for dm only
eq2_sp1     Erik       good ideas include photon accelerator and detail like panels removed  
eq2_sp2     Erik       short base, but in a very different style than usual
energy      Ryan       short and nasty, few bugs, but overall pretty good
escape      Benjamin   sectioned warehouse with good mix of beasties
fatalop     YooShin    short and fun computer station, with good construction
fin1b4      Richard    very nicely designed waste pumping station with lots of grubby piping
flood       Daniel,Fredrik  bland, simple, short, easy
foff        Dirk       shut down a new small base with lots of good new ideas
freddretq2_1 Phillip   medium-sized computer station in the mountains. good texturing
frststrk    Scott      absolute killfest in a different-than-usual-style base
gml         Ed         escape prison through the sewers. generator and body pit are good
grinspq1    Brian      three-part castle and base complex with lots of good new ideas and traps
grunt       Jack       short and fun action-packed killfest in a small base
heatseek    EraserX    huge, cramped, a bit confusing, but nonetheless very well designed
heavyind    Dennis     lots of big heavy machinery but really very difficult to complete
heroic      Marty      large computer centre, terrific amount of detail and design
hhope1      John       destroy security computers and escape. includes ending cinematic
hideout     YooShin    security complex. good use of fold-out ramp, mutant and lasers
homers7     Dave       short but fun. good variety in areas, lotsa beasties
house       Michael    author's house with furniture, a basement and outside pool
housese     Michael    as above but with a van and heaps more beasties
hwf         Brett      blocky, plain and dull
iceland     Killer 4000  a small and simple ice castle; nice idea in theory
iksp1       Iikka      escape the small, well-guarded base. great design, detail and end
incarc      Greg       escape brig and destroy the ship. very nice texturing and ending
infil       Marty      too dark, maze-like and choppy. water hurts and entrances are unfindable
infokill    Jack       small, nasty and tricky computer base. a bit too cramped
ise         Matt       id-style military base with a good but short ending
jhspq1      Jim        crashed every time I tried to play it
krazza      Russell    short but nasty base with odd mix of styles. nice end ship
kronic      Russell    escape the base. good variety of environments
ksp70       Kurt       large and fairly dark base with lots of backup reinforcements
lkspq1      CMSmith    I couldn't find the key
map01       Tony       Quake2-ified Doom2's first level. dm. easter egg
martim12    The MarTim Team  drain the sewage tank, and escape to the roof
martim13    The MarTim Team  investigate missile base then escape
martim15    The MarTim Team  escape the small computer and security base
mbase       yourben    large mountain base with many great constructs, bit dark and cramped
medieival   Costas     short medieval castle with bulldozer and truck
megsp1      Marc       dark computer station, nice rotating brushes, easter egg
mercy       Brad       short and nasty base. kill all your insanse buddies and survive
mixspq1     Matt       small but very well designed base with nice constructs
moutpost    Charlie    missile/computer centre with lots of buttons. requires Uber-system
mpqu1       Warren     large four-map unit. prison, computers, sewers and main gate
mutated     YooShin    short, fun, dark computer station. escape through sewers
opelim      Owen       small military base with good sewer system and overall texturing
osa         Juha       very nicely designed and detailed warehouse/base
patrol      MichaŽl    small, fun mountain base, some interesting bits, a bit too much lighting
pharm       Kneel      four-part base with lots of little suprises
pipedrm     Sean       small pumping stations in the mountains. lots of water.
piranah     Daniel,Fredrik  bland, simple, short, easy
pm1-3       Dean       too many missing textures
points      Ben        short, extremely difficult base, far too many surfaces visible at once
pow         Costas     better version of costas.p, with rather silly end area. easter egg
psh01       Tom        tough, high quality security station. good outside area with path
psph20      Cedar      enormous caverns and base in mountains. very nasty beasties everywhere
q2          Arkangel   beginner-made room with some mutants, a tank and lots of weapons
q2e1m1      Git        conversion of Slipgate Complex for solo or dm
q2e1m7      Kam3l3on   conversion of Chthon's Chamber for dm only
recon       Kneel      dark and cramped in the second part but otherwise quite good
redpen      T.Johansen good action, logical progression and monster placement
rene15      Renegade   one room deathmatch with nice fountain design and spinning Q2 logo
retribution Doug       small multi-part processing plant. a bit cramped
risc1       Riscchip   very high-tech spiffy space station with warehouse and lots of security
Doug       re-align lense so laser destructs. nice uses of rotating brushes
sgar        Ludovic    dark and nasty security complex
sgc9        Steve      lots of fun stuff, but too damn confusing
shroom      tEKNo      small, boring, uncool. easter egg
sltrship    Neil       huge very well made spaceship with great effects and constructs
smd         David      based on author's workplace. lots of testing equipment and new textures
sofm2       Neil       Why, Neil, why?! as dull and repetitive as Where's Waldo
starspq1    Jeff       small but good base with mines, computers and research areas
tab1        Michael    multi-storey military installation. irritatingly many radio messages
tab2        Michael    small military installation. bit bland. irritatingly many radio messages
tab3        Michael    mountain base with lots of traps and surprises. action-packed
tab4        Michael    pumping stations deep in the mountains. more good action
tab5        Michael    another military base with varied styles and a big nasty end
tab6        Michael    and another, this time with mutation labs and lots of beasties
tab7        Michael    very nice mountain base, lots of tank commanders, multi-storey buildings
teste       Joao       small indoors, large outdoors, most wpns, prolly good for deathmatch
timebase    Fred       small high-tech base with a few new ideas. one mis-functioning lift
tmq21       Jon        harder, larger, base-style area with gloomy warehouse
touch       EraserX    slightly cramped but otherwise good base with some good effects
tower2      Brian      Brian's first. many missing textures and a few cosmetic errors
tower2      Gary       dm map with one room, spiral staircase, teleport, all wpns
trs         Rick       dark, wet, spooky and fun. shut down the Strogg Relay Station
ttg1_q2     LedMan     dark, monotonous, what's the big idea?
vermination Roger      short high-tech base with good design and consistant theme
vostok      Ed         good fun in a hidden Strogg base in 1800's gold-mine mountains
wait        Marty      three-part base; prison, security and hangar. lot of big beasties
wartorn     Darin      beginnerwad based on house for dm
water_works Doug       destroy the coolant-supply dam. lots of rotating things, nice end
wdf         Ian        very nasty little base with lots of big beasties and not much health
wreckbase   Brad       terrific wrecked military base with lots of water and destroyed stuff
yspq5       YooShin    heavily guarded small base with lots of great lighting
zebo        Travis     four-level unit; storage, water, waste, control

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