WA heads nation in tight gun laws

from page 6 of The West Australian, May 1, 1996

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  WA had the toughest gun control laws in the country but they were useless if people could bring in high-powered weapons from other States, according to the head of the WA police firearms branch.
  Supt Doug McCaffery said a person could bring an illegal high-powered rifle into WA within 24 hours of buying it in another state.
  But the problem was not widespread and WA's tough laws had proved to have a significant impact on reducing violent crimes.
  All but a handful of WA's 115,000 licenced gun owners were responsible people and it was becoming harder to get hold of illegal weapons.
  "It is an indication the laws are working because a lot of hold-ups are carried out by criminals armed with weapons other than firearms," Supt McCaffery said.

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