Tasmanian Devil who murdered 32 is arrested

from page 1 of The Star, April 29, 1996

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  The gunman who killed 32 people in Tasmania was arrested early this morning after police stormed the cottage where he held three hostages.
  The dramatic development followed a blaze at a holiday cottage where the mass killer was holding the hostages.
  The sick murderer was airlifted from the scene by helicopter having suffered partial burns in the fire.
  Witnesses at Port Arthur, the former penal colony where the atrocity took place, had earlier reported flames coming from the guesthouse as hundreds of armed officers ringed the building.
  Police made their move in the 16th hour of the siege after the 29-year-old blond gunman continued firing potshots at mediators.
  He claimed the majority of his victims -- aged from three to 72 -- during a killing spree that lasted less than an hour at the popular tourist site.

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