Seconds from death

from page 3 of The Star, April 29, 1996

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  Port Arthur became the scene of a horrific massacre in just a few bloody minutes yesterday.
  1:30pm. The gunman draws up at the Port Arthur penal colony in a VW car, climbs out carrying a sports bag and begins to chat to passing tourists.
  1:45pm. He walks into the Broad Arrow Cafe pulls a rifle out of his bag and coolly lines up a first victim in his sights.
  1:50pm. The killer leaves the floor of the cafe running with blood as he steps outside into the attraction's car park to shoot at more tourists and passing vehicles.
  2pm. He sets light to buildings around the site and torchers cars.
  2:15pm. He walks over to a gateway of the prison building, spraying bullets in all directions. Then he climbs into a car and screams off.
  2:30pm. The gunman draws up at the Fox and Hounds Hotel, walks inside and blasts away at drinkers.
  2:45pm. He moves on to the Seascape guest house, about three miles from Port Arthur, and takes the owners and guests hostage.
  3pm. Armed police surround the house and begin preparing a raid while trained negotiators set up a phone link with the gunman.

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