Quotes from witnesses

from page D of The Examiner, April 29, 1996

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  "He walked in and started shooting many, many people indiscriminately -- children, staff, locals and tourists." - Wendy Scurr, Port Arthur desk clerk.
  "It was one of those big guns, one of those guns that are meant to kill people." - Phillip Milburn, Hobart.
  "They had all the tollgates blocked off because he just went up there and shot everyone that was coming in their cars." - Karen Jones, Hobart.
  "My wife Eileen was working in the toll booth when he started shooting people coming into the site. She told me that when she saw him coming she hid in the toilets." - Allan Kingstong, Koonya.
  "Melissa must have been one of the lucky ones working at the cafe... she must have been outside when he was inside." - Chris Briggs, Port Arthur, father of a Broad Arrow cafe waitress.

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