NSW sends police team to Tasmania

from page 3 of The Examiner, April 29, 1996

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  Sydney -- A NSW team of crime-scene experts and ballistics police was sent to Tasmania last night to help investigations into the worst massacre in Australia's modern history.
  NSW Police Minister Paul Whelan last night expressed his "great sadness" at the Port Arthur shootings. "It is a tragic day for the nation, and my heartfelt sympathy is extended to the families of those who have died or have been injured in this tragic event," he said.
  Mr Whelan said [he] had spoken to Tasmanian Police Minister John Beswick and offered assistance from the NSW Police Service.
  "Police from NSW are already on their way to Tasmania to assist with negotiations, and other police would be available as required," he said.
  A NSW police spokesman said crime scene experts and ballistics experts were being sent to Tasmania last night to help with the investigations.

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