The new charges against Bryant

from page 1 of The Advocate, July 6, 1996

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    The charges against Martin Bryant allege he --

At the Broad Arrow Cafe:

Murdered: Walter John Bennett, Nicole Louise Burgess, Sou Leng Chung, Elizabeth Jayne Howard, Mervyn John Howard, Mary Elizabeth Howard, Ronald Noel Jary, Tony Vadilelu Kistan, Leslie Dennis Lever, Sarah Kate Loughton, Pauline Virjeana Masters, Andrew Bruce Mills, Peter Brenton Nash, Gwenda Joan Neander, Moh Yee Willing Ng, Anthony Nightingale, Kevin Vincent Sharp, Raymond John Sharp, Jason Bernard Winter. These are in addition to the existing count of murdering Kate Elizabeth Scott. Attempted to murder: Graham Derek Collyer, Robert John Elliot, Damelia Kathleen Law, Carolyn Anne Loughton and Michael Robert Sargent. Caused grevious bodily harm to: Gerald Pounds Broome. Wounded: Patricia Gwen Barker, Peter David Crosswell, Gaye Jeanette Fidler, John Graeme Fidler, Dennis Olsen and Thelma Walker.

At or near the Port Arthur Historic Site car park:

Murdered: Winifred Joyce Aplin, Elva Rhonda Gayland, Janette Kathleen Quin and Royce William Thompson. Attempted to murder: James Balasko, Brigid Ann Cook, Gordon Howard Francis, Rodney Alfred Horrocks, Douglas Ivan Hutchinson, Ashley John Law, Dennis John Nudd, Neville Quin, Pamela Faye Sloan, Dennis Heather Cromer. Or alternatively aggravated assault on: Denise Cromer by discharging a firearm at or towards her. Of wounding: Yvonne Lockley.

On the road near the toll booth:

Murdered: Alanna Louise Mikac, Madeline Grace Mikac, Nanette Patricia Mikac.

Near the toll booth:

Murdered: Mary Rose Nixon, Russell James Pollard, Helene Maria Salzmann and Robert Salzmann. Attempted to murder: Graham Peter Sutherland. Aggravated assault: Stephanie Sutherland is believe to have occured here.

At the Port Arthur Service Station:

Murdered: Zoe Anne Hall.

Near the Seascape Guest House:

Attempted to murder: Douglas Eric Horne, Linda Marie White, Caroline Susan Mary Williams. Caused grievous bodily harm to: Simon Roger Williams. Aggravated assult to: Patrick James Allen, Michael Gerard Wander, one count for Anne Elizabeth Wardle, Mary Lorraine Warburton, Sylvia Grace Riley and Joyce Ann Maloney, Gary Thomas Whittle.

At the Seascape on April 28 or 29:

Murdered: David Martin, Noelene Joyce Martin and Glenn Roy Pears. Unlawfully setting fire to property: A BMW motor vehicle of Sidney Kenneth and Mary Rose Nixon. Arson: On April 29, setting fire to the Seascape building owned by David and Noelene Martin. [no image]

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