Letters to the Editor

from page 6 of The Advocate, July 6, 1996

  I support the Legislative Councillors on their stance on the gun control bill.
  The public should be aware there will be no compensation for guns that are handed in by people who cannot justify their need to own a firearm.
  Compensation will be paid for semi-automatic firearms alone. The bill also reads that you will be able to retain on firearm only per category.
  This bill makes it illegal for juniors to learn firearm safety and to hunt under direct supervision of a licensed firearm owner.
  Land owners will no long be able to ring to request vermin control because the law will require you to have permission in writing from the commissioner allowing you to hunt on that property.
  It must be remembered that we as firearm owners have agreed to the banning of semi-automatic military type assault rifles, not our hunting rifles.
    - Shan Rayner, Somerset.


  At the age of 12 I started shooting under my father's guidance. Then at 18 I went to the army and was trained in the use of all types of weapons by some of Australia's top experts and have been a sporting shooter ever since.
  Now at the age of 72, I, like thousands of other responsible shooters, are being denied the right to own our guns by politicians who we all help to keep in highly paid jobs.
  After all, it was the government that let weapons such as the one used at Port Arthur back onto the market much to the regret of all Tasmanians.
    - N.W. Gillard, Penguin.


  I agree there is a need for reform of gun laws. However, taking rifles from people by legislation is not going to help, as only the only honest people are going to adhere to it.
  The Legislative Council is telling us it will have our rifles but we can keep the ammunition.
  What they should be saying is keep the rifles and we'll ration the ammunition. No reloading machines or material to be sold in Australia. This would appease, I think, even the gun lobby.
    - Merv Howearth, Ex-New Zealand Infantry, Zeehan.

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