Port Arthur: Images and Sounds


Martin Bryant
The Seascape cottage (intact)
The Seascape cottage (burnt)
The Site's church and prison ruins
An injured survivor arrives by helicopter in Hobart from The Australian, April 29
An eye for an eye from The West Australian, May 1
Ambulances outside the Broad Arrow Cafe
More than 6000 people attended the memorial service at St Davids Cathedral in Hobart
Prime Minister John Howard embraces Dr. Bryan Walpole outside St Davids Cathedral
People place flowers at the memorial plaque
Police stand guard at the Royal Hobart Hospital
Peter Crosswell in the Hospital
David and Noelene Martin
Michael Mazengarb
Rob Atkins

Sounds (in mp3 format to keep file sizes down; you will need DOSAmp or WinAmp)

Rob Atkins - "A few ladies were running up the hill towards us screaming "go back, go back, there's a man with a gun". At the time we didn't even take it seriously because we thought it might-" "You didn't realise?" "We thought it might have been someone firing muskets or something, you know, as part of the show down there."
Relevant articles: Hostages held in final siege and Savagery erupts in afternoon of terror.

Bishop at the memorial service at St.David's Cathedral, Hobart - "And what shall we say of the one charged with these violent crimes? His life is in turmoil. Those who loved him are devestated."
Relevant articles: State service broadcast and Opinion: A Tassie memory breaches the 'wall'.

Choir at St David's Cathedral.

Peter Crosswell - "That person I cannot understand... the first time I saw him with that gun and he just walked up to someone and shot him dead from about three feet away. It's something I'll never forget." (quoted here)
Peter Crosswell - "At that time he must have seen somebody that was still alive and walked towards that person, and he yelled out 'no, no' he then shot him. Another person who was also moving nearby was screaming. He just walked up and shot her." (quoted here)
Peter Crosswell - "The whole time that man was in there he did not say one word. He never ran... he walked everywhere, just shooting people." (quoted here)
Peter Crosswell - "I leapt up from the table and walked towards the front door of the restaurant, and as I did this guy walked in, one with blonde hair, and shot dead the guy that was sitting at the nearest table, then proceeded to shoot everybody at that table." (quoted here)

Sgt.Johnston - "It's our understanding that the mother was carrying the three-year-old baby when they were both shot and the six-year-old ran away, trying to escape, and was shot in the process." (referring to Nanette, Madeline and Alannah Mikac respectively)

Michael Mazengarb, Historic Site chairman - "Devestation, I guess. We're all pretty upset about the whole situation. I mean, ah, I think it's going to have a huge detrimental effect on the peninsula, which is a very small and isolated community."
Relevant article: Memorial plan for death site

Witnesses - "He said 'there's a lot of WASPS around today -- there's not many Japs here, are there?' and then started muttering to himself. And then walked inside and that's when all the gunshots started going off." ... "No-one sort of realised that it was happening and then of course everyone who was there with a group was worried sick that people in their group could [have been hurt.]" (quoted here and here.)

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