How gun laws vary between states

from page 6 of The West Australian, May 1, 1996

R: Rifles and shotguns. S: Semi-automatic rifles and shotguns. H: Handguns. A: Automatic weapons.

State Types of firearms regulated by statute Licence waiting period Photo licence Duration Testing/Instruction Minimum Age
NSW All guns, airguns replicas (except pre-1900 pistols) 28 days on 1st licence, 5 days on renewal Yes R: Life, with new photo each 5 years
S,H: 5 years
Half-day course (no practical handling), 20 question multiple-choice. 18. H,R: 10 for junior permit with licensed adult supervision.
VIC All firearms, replicas, imitation pistols, airguns. Antiques excepted. 4 weeks on 1st licence. R,S R,S: 3 or 6 years.
H: 1 year
H: For life.
R,S: Video or oral and multiple choice.
H: Club members trained within club.
18. R,S: 12 for junior permit.
QLD All guns, antiques, (except replicas), ammunition, parts. 28 days. No R,S: Life.
H,A: 5 years.
R: 15-question multiple-choice based on police booklet
H: Club training and endorsement
17. 13 on farm; 11 for junior club permit.
SA All guns, airguns. 1 month before 1st purchase. No R,S: 3 years.
H: 1 year.
Club training and endorsement.
Hunting: 4hrs theory, 2hrs practical at TAFE
S: Extra 4hrs at TAFE.
18. 16 for airguns; 15 on farm. With licensed adult supervision: all guns 14; airguns 10.
WA All guns, airguns (except replicas). Licence tied to ownership of specific guns and cancelled if no guns are owned. None No 1 year curio licence held until cancelled 10-question multiple-choice 18. R,S: 16 with parental permission. Children of any age can use guns under licensed adult supervision.
TAS All guns, airguns, replicas, imitations except pre-1900 antiques for wich ammunition is not available. 21 days. Yes Life with new photo each 10 years. Video (no handling). 40-question based on police book. 18. 16 on farms; 12 under supervision.
ACT All guns, airguns, replicas (except antiques). 28 days before 1st purchase No 2 years. R,S: 3-4hrs theory taught by private instructors or clubs. No handling. H: Club training and endorsement. 18. No minimum age for club use.
NT All guns, airguns, replicas, some parts, except antiques or permanently deactivated guns. 28 days on 1st purchase Yes 3-6yrs.
H: 1-3yrs.
S: 1 year.
10-question multiple-choice based on police book. No handling. H: Club training and endorsement. R: 16. S,H: 18

Source: Australian Medical Association journal - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

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