The Examiner, April 29, 1996
Includes 4-page wraparound cover sheet, consisting of pages A: front cover, B: inside front cover, C: inside back cover, and D: back cover.

page A

33 DEAD - Gunman holding three hostages - Police fear toll will rise

page B

Surreal quality surrounds tranquility of peninsula More than 30 dead in gun carnage

page C

Wildlife park turned to police command post Killer in 20s and mentally disabled Federal pledge to press for gun law reform Negotiations continuing

page D

Queen shocked by the news Quotes from witnesses

page 1

Slaughter toll horror - Children and tourists among the gunman's victims Screening of firearm licence applicants The world's worst gun massacre

page 2

Premier calls in all available resources Governer-General sends sympathy Prime Minister John Howard: 'Shocked and apalled at murders' Trauma counselling arranged for staff

page 3

Extra police flown in as negotiations stall NSW sends police team to Tasmania Weapon banned in Australia Two Canadians among dead Services stretched Three hostages reported Bus driver among victims

page 4

SSAA to fight gun reforms Hospital activates full alert for staff It's a catastrophe, says police chief New Zealander killed

page 5

New chapter in a bloody story Guns are easy to buy in Tasmania

page 6

Driver can't believe gunman missed him Lives saved by tour Terror as group hides in cottage Mother pleaded for help for her dead child Children among killer's victims

page 7

Nation's worst mass killing - Past massacres "pale into insignificance": commissioner - A tragic history

page 10

Editorial Opinion: Agony and shame at senseless carnage

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