The Sydney Morning Herald, May 4, 1996

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Next target: violent videos

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Carr keeps law option open Marksmen: we shoot only at paper Upbringing has most influence on violence: experts

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Bombing threat the latest crank call An ordinary bloke is the first to be buried [Royce Thompson] Link to mental illness in doubt

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Our nation's dark shadow: up to 100m guns Weapons dealer points finger at videos, drugs Farmers lobby for hi-tech firearms

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Darkness behind the facade A pocketful of lies

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Their last day - Some were locals; some had come a long way. Lindsay Simpson traces their diverse routes to Port Arthur and sudden, voilent death. The fatal shore - The road to a massacre was filled with painful memories for Martin Bryant, paved with deaths and the despair of many who knew him.

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The carnage cafe

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Opinion: Let us all be sheep Sayings

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Letters to the Editor

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