The Sydney Morning Herald, May 2, 1996

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PM takes on gun lobby - States pushed for total ban on semi-automatics 60 seconds of shared sorrow and shame

page 2

SMH Online tells world of tragedy

page 5

Happy one moment, dead the next - Boyfriend saw high-spirited Kate shot in the back of head at point-blank range - Great-grandfather sees wife die [Gwenda Neander] - Seascape hostage was reassessing life [Glen Pears and Zoe Hall] - The death of a dream [Andrew Mills and Tony Kisten] Bryant to undergo skin graft surgery Killer's mother tells of trauma

page 6

Scared to death but holding on Trainees thrown into rescue

page 7

Bells toll as the sorrow is shared Sydney stands still to honour victims Leaders moved to tears

page 11

Let the healing begin Massacre makes mentally ill an easy target

page 12

Letters to the Editor Editorial: Howard's lead

page 13

Editorial: Silence speaks volumes

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