The Sydney Morning Herald, May 1, 1996

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They never had a chance Campaign for national gun laws as man is charged at bedside Buying spree feared as shooters try to beat ban

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Burnt Bryant charged Tourism show has to go on, say locals Neighbours' complaints were not recorded DPP warns media on contempt of court

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Killer blamed for death from heart attack Suspect a family friend of guesthouse proprietors 'Maybe that is the only blessing... they have both gone together' [Sally and David Martin] Dream dies with 'gentleman' [Jim Pollard, Robert and Helene Salzmann]

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'How can I go on living without them?' [Walter Mikac] Man played dead to save two women [Peter Crosswell, Thelma Walker, Pam Law] Weekend birthday trip brought double tragedy [Zoe Hall, Glen Pears]

page 8

Emotions run high as Left loses bid to toughen gun laws Firearms: How the leaders line up Firearms: Where the MPs stand

page 13

Me First! Understanding the heartless generation Terror's images shatter a child's world When did 'loner' turn into a dirty word?

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Letters to the Editor

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Gun laws and the ballot box factor

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