The Mercury, May 1, 1996

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In Loving Memory - Dead: Mum Nanette, Madeline Grace, age 3, and little Alannah, 6, who tried to run away

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'My whole life's been erased' [Walter Mikac] Terror of a human sheild [Peter Crosswell] Toll rises to 35

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Paramedics endured 14 hours with death

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Peace shattered in our special island Bloody Sunday: never to be forgotten

page 5

Assault weapons will be outlawed - State political parties agree on firearms controls Benneworth gives up the gun battle Brown queries extent of gun lobby resources Violent TV programs off End for gun ads Doorknock postponed

page 6

Leaders call for unity in our darkest hour Hobart flights packed with relatives, friends MLCs express their sorrow

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A minute for the victims Candles light the vigil

page 8

Peninsula plan to pour out the grief Benefit from a bitter experience Tourist support is urged Business responds to appeal

page 9

Man faces murder charge at hospital hearing

page 18

Editorial: Don't heed shooters Letters to the Editor

page 19

A tragedy in two acts

page 23

Mourners pay their respects

page 24

Semi-automatic killing weapons over the counter in Tasmania Tough gun curbs may be hit by wall of red tape

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