The Australian, May 1, 1996

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Bloody Sunday lives on in love, grief and hate Strict security as Bryant is charged Gun lobby preys on political fears [untitled - re: a photograph of Bryant we used]

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Counsellors on tap for 18 months Howard mourns the end of our innocence Politics gives way to tears Support floods in from US towns

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Shockwave of terror spreads across the nation 'He just shot everybody in the room' Locked away with the pain; a man confronts his memories Rollcall of tragedy

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Bipartisan push to toughen gun laws Police urge States to cede jurisdiction Call grows for States to cede powers Search for roots ends in family tragedy Media coverage earns DPP contempt warning Call for controls echoes US poll shoot-out with gun lobby

page 11

Sharp shooter - Ted Drane, President of SSAA

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Letters to the Editor

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Editorial Opinions: National protocols shot down in massacre

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