The Global Hello Project

Created: September 6, 1999
Updated: July 17, 2000
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What is it?

A collection of sound files from people around the world saying hello in their local language or accent.

How does it work?

You send me a sound file of you saying "hello from" then the name of your town, city, district, county, state, province or similar, in your local or native language or accent, and I upload it for all to learn from and enjoy. It's that simple. Please also tell me exactly what you're saying, what language or accent it's in, an English translation if it's not in English, your name or nickname and where you live. Just in case I can't make it out from the audio, ok? :)
All I ask for in return is that you tell your friends about this page and prod them into contributing their own hello sound.

What's acceptable?

A sound file no bigger than 200 Kb in size in any format (wav or mp3 preferred) of you or somebody you know saying "hello from [city/town/etc]" or similar in your local language or accent. By "similar" I mean anything such as "g'day from.." or "howdy from.." which are both English-language versions of "hello". Be creative! :)

How do I send it?

As an email attatchment or via ICQ. See the Contact page for details. For ICQ, my authorisation is required for you to add me to your list; your request reason should be something like "I have a hello sound". Be warned; I tend to ignore people who leave that box blank.

What do I get out of it?

A link from this page to yours and world fame and fortune. Ok, maybe not fortune, but a bit of fame at least, and the knowledge that you're participating in a global educational and just plain fun project. :)

How will my listing appear?

Your email address will not be displayed unless specifically requested by you.
Your name/nick will be a link to your homepage if you give me the address, or I manage to hunt it down.
The sound size and format in the Download column will be a link to download your sound file.
Listings will be sorted alphabetically by surname within each locality, followed by people who gave only their first name or nickname.
Localities with more than 10 listings will be moved into a new subcategory for that locality.
Listings are sorted into country categories according to where you live, not necessarily by language or accent. This could probably simply be seen as another educational aspect of the Project; showing that not everybody uses a regional-typical accent or language. The most obvious examples I can think of are the vast numbers of Spanish-speaking people in the USA, French-speaking people in Canada, and anybody who has recently emigrated anywhere.

Here are some example listings:

  Said Download
Björnsson, Karl "Hullo from Árborg, Iceland" 42k mp3
Davis, Fred "How ya goin? Welcome to Tassie" 28k wav
Gluyas, Sheryl "G'day from Sydney" 35k wav
Lengkap, Kamus "Selamat pagi dari Jakarta" 64k wav
Li, Chun "Hi from Xin'an in China" 37k aiff
Smith, Bob "Howdy from Huntington" 51k mp3
Amanda "Hello from Cardiff" 19k wav
stargirl827 "Hello from Cape Town, South Africa" 43k wav

Can I translate this page into another language and send it to you?

Yes, please do! :) Any translation will be greatly appreciated, and would be perfectly in line with the multi-language spirit of the page.

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